science museum Anna phoebe
22 // November // 2021

I've never cancelled a performance - but this 100% feels like the right decision. Playing the music of Sea Souls alongside Earth Observation images from ESA would not have felt right under these circumstances. However small your platform, sometimes you have to take a stand! Anna Phoebe

In light of ongoing concerns about the relationship between the Science Museum and major fossil fuel companies, Anna Phoebe and Space Rocks regret to cancel our climate-focused presentation of Sea Souls this Wednesday, but we'll be back, and soon. Space Rocks

By The Sea Anna Phoebe remix
18 // November // 2021

Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres’ rework of Anna’s By The Sea combines string and vocal textures with synth sounds and cinematic sea beats, set against hypnotic piano loops.

"I really feel the draw of the water over the pebbles every time I listen to this and it makes me want to sit on the edge of the sea for hours. The kind of sit you do when you feel super emotionally charged and just want to process everything”. Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres

Download / stream HERE

AVAWAVES chrysalis
18 // October // 2021

OLI Records are delighted to present ‘Chrysalis’, AVAWAVES’ second album. The record is coloured with a poignant sense of awe and wonder, evoking a universe of AVAWAVES, celebrating the magic of nature, imagination and the power of dreams. Available on vinyl, CD and as a digital download.

Buy/download HERE

Stream HERE

3 // September // 2021

Anna Phoebe is delighted to present her latest recording project, her brand new album ‘Sea Souls’, released Friday 3rd September on the Eat the Peach label.

In March 2020, Anna Phoebe was asked to produce a 10 minute music package for a radio arts programme.  Inspired by her love of the ocean, Anna Phoebe sat on the beach, watched the tide come and go and let creativity take over.  From this short piece of programming, ‘Sea Souls’ was born, envisaged as a ‘Dear Diary’ to the sea, the seashore and her beloved Kent coast where she lives.

Available on digital, CD + vinyl, including a Dinked Edition limited cover artwork and green vinyl.

Download / stream / buy HERE.

Signed CDs available here:

Sea Change
Sea Change Festival
2 // July // 2021

Anna will present her upcoming Sea Souls album at this year's Sea Change Festival on 28th August - a one day festival with events in music, art, film, literature, conversation and culture.

Anna will share stories and music from her Sea Souls album, with special guest Jake Downs.

Tickets can be bought HERE.

4 // June // 2021

Sea Souls will be part of a collaboration with independent record shops for their Dinked Edition (no 126)

The release will be on heavyweight transparent green vinyl, with a double sided & numbered art print by Sophie McElligott, unique sleeve art and a limited pressing of 500.

To find your nearest participating record store go HERE.

Sea Souls_Anna_Phoebe
Sea Souls album
4 // June // 2021

On 3rd September Anna will release her Sea Souls album.

Written during 2020, it's a form of meditative catharsis - inspired by the sea taking us on a journey through the soul.

Guests on the album include Klara Schumann, Phil Manzanera, Jake Downs, Mark McCaughrean, Natali Filli, Anil Sebastian, Hélöise Werner.

You can preview and pre-order Sea Souls HERE.

Festival of Ideas
York Festival of Ideas
3 // May // 2021

For the launch of York Festival of Ideas 2021, Anna will perform music taken from her upcoming solo album, Sea Souls, woven together with contributions of poetry from South Asian and British writers to create a mesmerising tapestry of music and words.

Filmed in the magnificent York Minster, Anna will be joined by Richard Bundy (piano and electronics), Klara Schumann (cello) and writer Salena Godden.

The online event, which includes a panel discussion, has been co-curated through partnership with international festivals in India and Bangladesh. All have come together through a shared and passionate belief in the power of ideas and collaboration, celebrating women's voices, imagination and creativity,

You can now watch the music performance HERE

Anna Phoebe ICONS
5 // March // 2021

Today Anna releases ICONS.

Says Anna Phoebe: “I was thinking about the artists and songs I listened to whilst growing up. David Bowie, Nick Cave, Tracy Chapman, Neneh Cherry, Faithless and Roxy Music all represent parts of my past which have, in turn, infused my present. Memories are shape-shifting and full of shadows. They are sometimes reflective, sometimes hugely nostalgic and oftentimes fragmented. I wanted to create a meditative and melodic sound world for these tracks and through this lens reinterpret the songs that shaped me”.

Download/Stream ICONS here.

Anna Phoebe BT Sport
BT Sport Champions League
12 // February // 2021

The Autonomy track 'Hope' has been chosen by BT Sports for their Champions League 2021 film which Anna filmed and recorded at the BT Sports studios.

It will be played at the beginning of the game throughout the Champions League season.

23 // November // 2020

Moments is a duet on piano and viola with Richard Bundy.

It was recorded in one improvised take, late one evening in August, in Richard’s self-built log cabin in the heart of the Kentish countryside.

After months of isolation, Anna and Richard found the time, space and quiet to connect with one another.  They sat with piano, violin, viola and cello and improvised a series of pieces. ‘Moments’ is the first release from this evening. It’s about cherishing those moments of connection.

You can stream/download Moments HERE.

Singing With Nightingales
23 // November // 2020

Join me for a very special evening in Sussex on May 16th 2021, when I'll be improvising a duet responding to the song of the nightingales.

Each year, for a short period mid-April, a few thousand nightingales fly to southern UK from Africa. They can be heard in just a small number of special locations, taking up songful residence after dusk. 

This even, organised by Nest Collective, will be from 7pm through to 12:30am. Go HERE for more info on how to join us for an an escape into nature, to learn about these majestic birds, and listen to music.

15 // October // 2020

The latest single from Anna Phoebe's Sea Series is out now.

Undercurrent is about the sea reflecting inner turmoil - when you're surrounded by noise and being pulled in multiple directions. Just keeping your head above water and remembering to breathe.

You can stream/download and watch Undercurrent HERE.

Anna Phoebe Light On Waves
Light on Waves
11 // September // 2020

This double single is the third release in Anna Phoebe’s Sea Series. Light On Waves Part 1 is meditative uplifting track inspired by the morning sunlight reflecting and shimmering on the waves. Part 2 takes you down beneath the waves into a deeper and darker world.

Written and recorded during lockdown in Anna’s studio by the sea in Deal, Kent. Part 2 also features the other worldly laboratory bottles played by Dr Natali Fili and recorded at the BioScience school at University of Kent for Between Worlds.

You can stream/download and watch the video for Light on Waves HERE. 

Anna Phoebe Jools Holland
Recording with Jools Holland
26 // August // 2020

Anna spent the day recording and filming with Jools Holland as a guest for his next album. The track features Jools and Nitin Sawhney on pianos, and Anna on violin.  


Anna Phoebe - Horizons
31 // July // 2020

Horizons is release today.   A meditative uplifting track inspired by the ever changing sea and the expanse of the horizon and a sequel to By The Sea. Written and recorded during lockdown in Anna’s studio by the sea in Deal, Kent, with additional drones recorded by Mark McCaughrean, Senior Advisor at the European Space Agency, based in Wassenaar, The Netherlands.

The accompanying images of cloud and skyline were filmed in Deal and Wassenaar between March and July 2020. The two locations are on opposite sides of the North Sea, separated by 230km of water.

You can watch/download/stream Horizons on all platforms here:

Anna Phoebe Glaciers
26 // June // 2020

Glaciers is a piece of music written in response to the European Space Agency (ESA) Earth Observation data, tracking climate change.

The music is available to stream/download HERE.

This film incorporates original images from ESA showing cracks in the Pine Island Glacier, Antartica, plus the coast of Greenland near the Jakobshavn Glacier. The images have been reworked by Skyla Bridges.Watch the film HERE. 

25 // June // 2020

Episode 4 of Soho Radio Between Sea & Sky is now available to listen back on mixcloud HERE.

Voyager II
25 // June // 2020

AVAWAVES release their new single Voyager II with One Little Independent Records.

Available on all download/streaming platforms HERE.

Watch the music video HERE

Anna Phoebe by the sea
29 // May // 2020

Andy Fosberry's dark and moody remix of By The Sea is released today.

Download/stream from all platforms HERE.

You can find out more about composer/producer Andy Fosberry HERE

York Festival of Ideas
25 // May // 2020

York Festival of Ideas has been taken online. Anna is curating a 1 hour webinar Between Worlds: Exploring Space & Sound, exploration collaboration and ideas between space, science, music and art.

It will go live Sunday June 14th 1pm BST. Details and sign up link HERE

Guests include Mark McCaughrean (Senior Advisor at the European Space Agency), Lauren Bowker (alchemist, artist, inventor), Nitin Sawhney CBE (musician, producer, composer), Salena Godden (poet, activist).

Soho Radio
25 // May // 2020

Between Sea and Sky is Anna's radio show for Soho Radio, featuring chilled classical soundscapes through to ambient electronic sounds.

Episode 1 is available to listen  HERE.

The playlist is available on Spotify HERE.

lockdown experiment
Lockdown Experiment
18 // May // 2020

Anna took park in Lockdown Experiment Volume II, a musical pass the parcel where composers were asked to continue a track using stems of the previous sections and then respond and evolve the track with their 15-30 contribution.

Composers/producers included, Chris Gree, Ayanna Witter-Johnson, Alex Baranowski, Manu Delago and Anil Sebastian. 

It premiered on Elizabeth Alker's BBC Radio3 Unclassified show.

You can read about and listen to the final piece here HERE

The Moon
Salena Godden
6 // May // 2020

Anna Phoebe has collaborated with poet and activist Salena Godden. They had been set to perform together at York festival of Ideas in June 2020, but when this was cancelled due to the pandemic, they started experimenting with words and music, working remotely in lockdown.

And The Moon Don't Talk To Me Anymore is a response to the Coronavirus crisis, which has exposed and magnified cracks and inequalities, and highlights the need for change, and to envision ways to rebuild and reconnect.

You can listen to and watch a performance of the poem HERE.

Wild Eyed
24 // April // 2020

AVAWaves release their single, an instrumental cover of London Grammar's Wild Eyed.

You can download / stream on all platforms HERE.

By The Sea
16 // April // 2020

A moment of calm. Improvised violin responding to the sound of the sea. By The Sea is out now on all digital platforms HERE.

Watch the youtube video HERE.

Beautiful improvised piece, feels like being enveloped by a beautiful warm blanket, pure balm for the soul” Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC 6 Music

“Gorgeous” Elizabeth Alker, BBC Radio 3

“At a time when we need to stay connected more than ever, Anna Phoebe creates ‘By The Sea,’ an emotional postcard from nature” Dominic King Senior Presenter BBC Radio Kent

WWF Climate Disaster
23 // February // 2020

WWF Climate Disaster online campaign.

Music by Autonomy (Thomas Slinger & Anna Phoebe).

The track is 'Hope' from the album Prologue.

Watch HERE

Violin sounds Soho Radio
23 // February // 2020

On 12th February Anna hosted the SohoClassical on Soho Radio, playing music composed by and for violinists.

You can listen back to the show HERE  (1 hour show from 30 mins in)

You can listen to the playlist on Spotify HERE

Communicate science
12 // November // 2019

Between Worlds is long term collaboration with science where Anna composes music as a response to scientific research. Through music she creates a platform connecting audiences to subjects fundamental to us all. Her current collaborations are 1) Gene Expression (Cancer/Alzheimer’s research) with University of Kent and Cancer Research UK 2) Climate Crisis: No Planet B with the European Space Agency.

Watch Between Worlds: Gene Expression promo HERE

Watch Between Worlds: No Planet B film HERE

2 // November // 2019

Between Worlds: Gene Expression is a collaboration with the University of Kent, responding to images generated during BioScientific research into Gene Expression.  The research is funded by Cancer Research UK, and goes to wards combatting diseases such as Alzheimer's and Cancer.

Watch an introductory film HERE.

Between Worlds
20 // September // 2019

Released September 2019.

Watch video HERE

Music - Anna Phoebe, with Jake Downs on piano.

Mastered by RedRedPaw Mastering

Images - University of Kent

Graphics - Skyla Bridges

Between Worlds is written as a response to Cancer and Alzheimer's research images. The images in this video originate from BioScientific research undertaken at the School of BioSciences, University of Kent.

17 // September // 2019

Anna won the award for Best Composer at this year's BAFTA-affiliated Underwire Festival.

The title track from the score for Belittled is now available to stream/download.

You can find it HERE.

Anna Phoebe ESA
European Space Agency
26 // August // 2019

To begin her collaboration with the European Space Agency, Anna visited the ESTEC centre in the Netherlands, where she was given a full tour by Mark McCaughrean, ESA's Senior Advisor for Science & Exploration.

Anna will be composing a ten minute piece responding to ESA material linked to climate change, environmental destruction and human migration.  This will be premiered at this year's Space Rocks, held on 21st September at Indigo O2, London.

For tickets and more info about the event visit HERE.

Anna Phoebe underwire
Underwire Film Festival
2 // August // 2019

Anna Phoebe's score for short film Belittled has been nominated in the composer category at this year's Underwire Film Festival. Belittled also received a nomination in the screenwriting category.

Belittled is written and directed by Clair Tailyour, produced by Anu Anderson, starring Kiran Sonia Sawar and Rafiella Chapman.

Underwire Film Festival is BAFTA recognised and celebrates female film making across the crafts. This year it celebrate its 10th year.


12 // July // 2019

Today AVA release their debut album, Waves, on One Little Indian Records.

AVA is Anna Phoebe and Aisling Brouwer – a classically trained duo who create ambient soundscapes based on an intricate interplay between violin and piano. Both are professional composers in their own right, but it is through AVA that the pair carve out their own musical identity in collaboration with each other.

Download / stream album HERE.

Buy vinyl / CD HERE.

Anna Phoebe Soho Radio
6 // July // 2019

Anna Phoebe created a one hour music + science show for Harriet Moss' Classical show on Soho Radio.

Featuring music inspired by science including Emily Howard, Kelly Moran, Philip Glass. With contributions from composer Nitin Sawhney and European Space Agency senior advisor Mark McCaughrean.

You can listen HERE. (from 60 mins in.)

27 // June // 2019

Anna Phoebe releases From Chaos, her second single from Between Worlds.

Inspired by BioScience images from Cancer Research, undertaken at University of Kent.

Music by Anna Phoebe, with Jake Downs on piano. Graphics by Ewan Jones Morris.

To stream / download / watch video click HERE.

15 // June // 2019

Released June 2019.

Watch video HERE

Music - Anna Phoebe, with Jake Downs on piano.

Mastered by RedRedPaw Mastering

Images - University of Kent Graphics - Ewan Jones Morris

From Chaos is written as a response to Cancer and Alzheimer's research images. The images in this video originate from BioScientific research undertaken at the School of BioSciences, University of Kent.

27 // May // 2019

Anna is delighted to announce her project Between Worlds is now supported by PRS Foundation’s Open Fund.

The full premiere of Between Worlds with choir, string ensemble, piano and full visuals will be held at Colyer-Fergusson Hall in Canterbury on 7th June.

For more information and tickets visit HERE.

Anna _Phoebe_Galaxies
24 // May // 2019

Anna releases Galaxies, the first piece from Between Worlds.

Galaxies is a haunting piece which spans from the molecular to the galactic,  combining violin, vocals and soundscapes created from laboratory field recordings.

Between Worlds is a unique collaboration between classical-electronic music and the University of Kent.   It communicates science through music. The music responds to images from research undertaken at the School of Biosciences, University of Kent. The researchers, led by Dr Chris Toseland, are funded by Cancer Research UK, and the work goes to combat diseases such as Cancer and Alzheimer’s.

To download/stream/buy Galaxies on all digital platforms click HERE

To watch the music video click HERE

York Festival of Ideas
York Festival of Ideas
14 // May // 2019

On June 16th Anna will take part in York Festival of Ideas.  As part of Focus Day, The Poetry of Music and Science, Anna will be part of a panel, discussing links between abstract structures in music and mathematics.

The session will be introduced by Tom McLeish, the University of York’s Professor of Natural Philosophy and author of The Poetry and Music of Science. Other panellists will include award-winning conductor Ben Glassberg, mathematician Jason Levesley and Helena Daffern, expert in music technology.

The session will also include a short performance from Anna Phoebe's Between Worlds.

Visit HERE for tickets and further information.

10 // May // 2019

Watch video HERE

Music - Anna Phoebe, with Jake Downs on piano.

Mastered by RedRedPaw Mastering

Images - University of Kent

Graphics - Skyla Bridges

Galaxies is written as a response to Cancer and Alzheimer's research images. The images in this video originate from BioScientific research undertaken at the School of BioSciences, University of Kent.

WWF Climate Distaster
1 // May // 2019

Anna has co-written the music for WWF Climate Disaster film together with Thomas Slinger.

The film has been used for online campaigns.

Watch it HERE.

16 // April // 2019

Tickets for the first full performance of Between Worlds are now on sale HERE.

The new work based on scientific research images will be premiered on 7th June at Colyer-Fergusson Hall in Canterbury.

You can find out more about Anna's collaboration with the University of Kent HERE.

Anna Phoebe_Royal Ballet School
31 // March // 2019

Anna brought in her Between Worlds project  to the Royal Ballet School.  Working with choreographer Kate Flatt and movement coach Elisabetta d'Aloia, Anna brought in visuals from Bioscientific research undertaken at University of Kent, as well as manipulated field recordings from the laboratories.  

She worked with the students to create soundscapes for them to use for dance, which were incorporated into a performance with live improvised violin.

You can read a short write-up of the project HERE.

29 // March // 2019

We are very excited to share the news that AVA has signed One Little Indian Records, home of Bjork, Skunk Anansie, Manu Delago, Poppy Akroyd and Tusks. 

The debut album will be released on 12th July 2019 and will be available on all digital platforms, CD and vinyl. Today AVA release the title track, Waves.

Stream/download on all platforms HERE 

Joep Beving
22 // March // 2019

For a Piano Day special on Harriet Moss' Soho Classical radio show, Anna Phoebe interviews Dutch pianist and composer Joep Beving.

You can listen to the interview HERE.

Piano Day
13 // March // 2019

On 29th March Anna will be performing a set with AVA in the Barbican Foyer for this year's Piano Day.

For more information click HERE.

Nitin Sawhney Barbican Anna Phoebe
Nitin Sawhney at Barbican
15 // January // 2019

'A Rational Anthem for a National Tantrum'

Anna will join Nitin Sawhney's line-up of musicians as he showcases a new anthem that reflects our current society. With the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain (NYO) and London Contemporary voices.

Filmed for Sky Arts.

Between Worlds
8 // January // 2019

Watch promo video HERE

Between Worlds is a choral and ensemble work composed for the University of Kent Chamber choir, based on spectacular visual imagery provided by the research at the School of Biosciences, University of Kent.

The research, led by Dr Chris Toseland, explores Gene Expression, and is used to combat diseases including cancer and Alzheimer's. Dr Toseland is funded by Cancer Research UK.  The research is the inspiration behind the 35 minute work for choir, solo violin, string ensemble, synthesiser and percussion.

Field recordings from the laboratories are incorporated into a mesmerising soundscape which forms the backdrop to stunning research imagery.

The premiere of Between Worlds will be held on 7th June 2019, at Colyer-Fergusson Hall, conducted by Daniel Harding.

Stripes Anna Phoebe
4 // December // 2018

Anna releases Stripes, based on her collaboration with artist Nicola Durvasula. 

Anna uses voice, violin, viola, deconstructed harmonium and crystallizers to create an evocative soundscape to accompany a film Durvasula made capturing light refracting on the Ganges.

Download/stream links:

Spotify // iTunes // Amazon // Deezer

Oi Va Voi Memory Drop
9 // November // 2018

On 9th November, Oi Va Voi release their album Memory Drop, on which Anna arranged and recorded strings.

Anna will join Oi Va Voi for their European tour in November this year.

See dates for concert details.

Spotify // iTunes // Amazon 

Anna _Phoebe_Down The Rabbit Hole
Down The Rabbit Hole
2 // November // 2018

‪Down The Rabbit Hole is released today. Inspired by & written for the incredible students of The Royal Ballet School for a project based on Alice In Wonderland, led by choreographer Kate Flatt. 
With Nicholas Holland (cello) and Francesco Lucidi (drums). 

Download/stream links:

Spotify // iTunes // Amazon // Deezer

Sophie's World
Sophie's World
12 // October // 2018

Today Anna releases Sophie's World  - a soundtrack created for the colourful collage film by Sophie McElligott.

You can watch the film HERE:

Download/stream links:

Spotify // iTunes // Amazon // Deezer

Anna Phoebe Pink Stripe
Pink Stripe
9 // October // 2018

'Pink Stripe' - a collaboration with artist Nicolas Durvasula. A ‘linga of light’ captured in the early hours on the Ganges at Assi Ghat.
Music by Anna Phoebe. Composed & recorded on violin, voice and deconstructed harmonium.
Shown at the Rietburg Museum, Zurich, September 2018.

Watch/listen HERE

Anna Phoebe Wasteland
28 // September // 2018

Anna Phoebe releases her single Wasteland, inspired by the landscape of Dungeness, Kent.

Available on all digital platforms.

Amazon iTunes Spotify Deezer

Oi Va Voi Vanished World
8 // June // 2018

Today Oi Va Voi release their first single Vanished World from their new album, out later this year.

Strings arranged and recorded by Anna, who will join them for a London show at Omeara on 26th July.

Watch/listen HERE.

Warner Bros. Mowgli
7 // June // 2018

Anna recently worked with Nitin Sawhney, recording solo violin at Air Studios for his score for the new Warner Bros. film, Mowgli.

The film, directed by Andy Serkis, stars Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Benedict Cumberbatch, Freida Pinto and Rohan Chand. In July 2018, Warner Bros. sold the rights for the film to Netflix, who in turn scheduled it for a 2019 release.

Watch the trailer HERE.


AVA Reverie
AVA - Debussy's Rêverie
18 // May // 2018

To commemorate Claude Debussy's Centenary, AVA have recorded an arrangement of Rêverie.


You can download/stream on all digital platforms HERE.

Anna Phoebe Nikki Bedi
BBC London Interview
16 // May // 2018

On 13th May, Anna joined Nikki Bedi on BBC London.

They talked about music in schools and mental health, Anna's latest releases including Blackstar and Waves, plus reocording violin for Nitin Sawhney for Warner's upcoming film, Mowgli.

You can listen back to the full interview HERE. (from 2:40:00)

Royal Ballet School - Alice
Royal Ballet School
31 // March // 2018

Anna recently completed a project with the Royal Ballet School, devising a 15 minute dance piece based on the themes of Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland. It was performed as part of the students' contemporary dance and choreography course, run by Kate Flatt. 

Anna composed the music and also performed live alongside cellist, Nicholas Holland (Balanescu Quartet).  You can listen to examples of the work HERE.

Piano Day Erland Cooper Anna Phoebe
Piano Day 2018
29 // March // 2018

To celebrate 'Piano Day', Anna joined Erland Cooper and eight other musicians including Neil Cowley, Hayden Thorpe, Leo Abrahams, William Doyle, Alex Kosobolis, Charlotte Greenhow, Aisling Brouwer and Jacob Downs.

They filmed a special arrangement of Erland Cooper's 'Solan Goose'  - this was a musical experiment of countermelody pulled together within 24 hours notice.

You can watch the performance HERE.

Ursula Moreton Award 2018
Ursula Moreton Award 2018
5 // February // 2018

Over the last year Anna has been working with The Royal Ballet School as music advisor and composer.  This term she acted as music advisor for the Ursula Moreton Choreographic Award.  The esteemed panel of judges included Christopher Hampson, Wayne McGregor, Kerry Nicholls, Mikaela Polley, Liam Scarlett and Billy Trevitt. Anna worked closely with the students and composed the music for the winning piece.

Anna Phoebe Blackstar
Cover of David Bowie's 'Blackstar'
5 // January // 2018

After working with Tony Visconti, Nitin Sawhney and Stewart Copeland on Sky Arts' 'Unsigned Heroes', Anna now releases her instrumental version of David Bowie's 'Blackstar'.  It is recorded using acoustic and electric violins, viola and effects pedals.






Autonomy - Zion
22 // September // 2017

Anna wrote and recorded the string section for Autonomy. 'Zion' was released today.

Listen here:




Freedom from Torture
11 // September // 2017

A charity event on 29th October at The Astor Theatre, Deal.  Come and support this night of music, dance and spoken word to raise money for this vital and successful charity that helps people recover physically and mentally from their sufferings.

For tickets/info go HERE.

Tony Visconti's Unsigned Heroes
Sky Arts - Tony Visconti
6 // September // 2017

Very excited to be part of Tony Visconti's Unsigned Heroes series on Sky Arts.  This six part series celebrates the work of legendary producer Tony Visconti, featuring unsigned artists from across the UK and Ireland.  The artists are mentored by Visconti as well as musicians/composers Nitin Sawhney (musical director), Stewart Copeland and Imelda May. The series ends with a televised concert at Union Chapel.

Watch Unsigned Heroes HERE.

25 // June // 2017

The new Papillon single 'Indigo' is released today.

Listen/buy HERE

YouTube HERE

Papillon workshop
Canterbury Christ Church Workshop
20 // February // 2017

Last week Papillon held a two hour workshop with the students of Canterbury Christ Church University, followed by an evening performance.  Nic and I were joined by tabla player Simran Singh Ghalley, and together we discussed creativity, improvisation, performance and the business of being an artist.

For more workshop information please get in touch

Royal Ballet School
11 // February // 2017

At the start of this year I had the pleasure of working with ballerina Viviana Durante and choreographer Kate Flatt at the Royal Ballet School, on a piece inspired by Kenneth MacMillan's 'Anastasia'. Over the course of 3 weeks I composed & produced soundscapes for the students' 12 minute piece, on top of which I performed live improvised violin for two performances at the school.

Listen to 'Anastasia' & 'Asylum'

ITV 'IN PLain SIght'
6 // December // 2016

In the last couple of months I worked with award winning stage and screen composer Nina Humphreys, recording violin and viola for ITV drama 'In Plain Sight'.   A real pleasure to work with and play on her compositions. 

Watch trailer


Children Change Colombia
Children change colombia
4 // October // 2016

Papillon will be supporting 'Children Change Colombia', performing at London’s Hippodrome Cabaret theatre on 14th November 2016. The event will feature Phil Manzanera, of Roxy Music fame,  Louis de Bernières, celebrated author,  and Fernando Montaño, Soloist at The Royal Ballet.  Performances by guest artists will include: Andy Mackay (Roxy Music),  singer/songwriter  Sonia Bernardo (Jools Holland), drummer Javier Weyler (ex-Stereophonics),  multi-instrumentalist Joao Mello (Razorlight, David Gilmour),  bassist Yaron Stavi (Robert Wyatt, Nigel Kennedy and Gilad Atzmon), celebrated actress and patron of Children Change Colombia, Virginia McKenna.

War & Peace Soundtrack
War & Peace Soundtrack
17 // July // 2016

​The soundtrack of the BBC's adaptation of War and Peace is now on spotify! The composer Martin Phipps is absolutely brilliant to work with - I get to bring in all my pedals and experiment with sounds and textures...and work with cellist Nicholas Holland.  A real pleasure. 

Listen to album

Anna Phoebe Royal Ballet School
29 // April // 2016

Nic and I had an inspiring time giving an Improvising and Creativity workshop at the Royal Ballet School. The workshop included live performance and interactive participation with the students.  We discussed the creative process, from writing to performance and explored expression through dance.

For more information email

Daimler Anna Phoebe
1 // March // 2016

A great experience performing in Stuttgart with the Daimler Symphony Orchestra at the 2016 Daimler Supplier Awards show.


Naveen Kumer Anna Phoebe
10 // November // 2015

Last night the band and I did a very special performance at the Indian Embassy's Nehru Centre in London with flute player Naveen Kumar. It was organised by IC Filter to promote musical collaboration across borders.  Looking forward to working with Naveen on new Papillon music.

Visit Naveen Kumar's website.

Monocle - Annaphoebe
Interview on Monocle Radio
26 // September // 2015

A few weeks ago I went into the Monocle offices to do a radio interview with Georgina Godwin as part of The Curator show. It was broadcast on 24th October and my bit is 44 minutes into the show.

Listen to the show

In Continuum Remix
25 // September // 2015

I want to share this remix of 'In Continuum' by Nur Orbach -  Love hearing his interpretation! And if any of you would like to remix any existing tracks, send me an email, would love to hear your ideas!

Available to listen here

Notte Della Taranta 2015
25 // August // 2015

An incredible experience playing to 200,000 people in Melpignano.  Thank you to Phil Manzanera for inviting me to perform. An honour to work with him and perform alongside the local pizzica musicians, as well as Italian rockstar Luciano Ligabue, legendary drummer Tony Allen, Columbian artist Andrea Echeverri, Clash founder Paul Simonon, and flamenco guitarist Raul Rodriguez.

Watch live performance of 'Pizzica Manzanera' HERE

Ramblin' Man Fair
28 // July // 2015

Thanks to all who braved the wet weather to watch myself and the band at Ramblin' Man Fair. 


Chiddfest 2015
20 // July // 2015

Fantastic time playing Chiddfest at the weekend - the band and I really enjoyed it. Thank to everyone who came along. Photo by Chris Pascoe.

Nines, Live at Kings Place
13 // May // 2015

We have a new video -  'Nines', played live at Songlines Encounters Festival June 2014. Featuring Simran Singh Ghalley on tabla and Nicolas Rizzi on guitar. Filmed by Tim at Black Cat Studio Pro. Please share with your friends!

Watch on Youtube

30 // March // 2015

Here is a video with highlights from the recent Anathema support tour - venues included Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, Exeter Cathedral, Winchester Cathedral and Leeds Minster. Such a magical experience.

Watch here

HRH Prog Festival
23 // March // 2015

The band and I had a fantastic trip to beautiful north Wales, to Snowdonia to play at HRH Prog festival. Thank you to everyone who came to the festival! 

Watch highlights.


26 // February // 2015

Compositions/sound cues for film. Written by myself and Nicolas Rizzi.

Youtube Soundcloud


Kinetix Free Runners
27 // January // 2015

I recently performed with the Kinetix Freerunners in Switzerland, Belgium and Holland at a series of private events.

Watch highlights video.

Silent Night
15 // December // 2014

Nicolas and I arranged and recorded a version of Silent Night. Available to stream or download.




4 // December // 2014

One of the most captivating instrumental releases I've heard in a long time. (Oz Hardwick)

Five star review in R2 magazine.

Four star review in Evening Standard.

Q Magazine songs of the week.

Songlines Feature
13 // October // 2014

Buy this month's edition of Songlines Magazine to read the interview with Alex Petropoulos.

bob dylan
10 // October // 2014

An honour to open up for Bob Dylan at Poland's Legends of Rock Festival in the stunning outdoor amphitheatre of Dolina Charlotty. Incredible experience.

Anna Phoebe Mostar
Mostar Video Release
4 // October // 2014

Here is the new video for our new single 'Mostar' off my upcoming album out 20th October. Directed by Inger Lise Oellgaard.

Watch video.


Jon Lord
Celebrating Jon Lord
11 // March // 2014

On 4th April I'll be performing a piece at the Royal Albert Hall at a special night organised by The Sunflower Jam to honour the life and work of the great, late Jon Lord.  As well as the 83 piece Orion Orchestra conducted by Paul Mann, the line up includes Paul Weller, Deep Purple, Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden, Steve Balsamo and Rick Wakeman.

Interview with Joel Gausten
25 // November // 2013

'Embracing The Warrior: A Chat With Anna Phoebe'.  In depth interview with Joel Gausten. Anna talks about career as a guest artist for bands such as Jethro Tull, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Jon Lord and Roxy Music, and the transition to solo artist.

Read the full interview.

'Embrace' EP out today
11 // November // 2013

Today is the day - new EP 'Embrace' is OUT NOW 

New Single 'The Duel' Out Today
6 // November // 2013

New single 'The Duel' is out today! 




Weyfest Video
30 // September // 2013

Selections from our live set at Weyfest Festival 2013 in Farnham, UK. Live band featuring members of Jurojin including Nicolas Rizzi on guitar, Francesco Lucidi on drums, Yves Fernandez on bass, and Simran Ghalley on Tabla.

Watch video