27 // May // 2019

Anna is delighted to announce her project Between Worlds is now supported by PRS Foundation’s Open Fund.

The full premiere of Between Worlds with choir, string ensemble, piano and full visuals will be held at Colyer-Fergusson Hall in Canterbury on 7th June.

For more information and tickets visit HERE.

Anna _Phoebe_Galaxies
24 // May // 2019

Anna releases Galaxies, the first piece from Between Worlds.

Galaxies is a haunting piece which spans from the molecular to the galactic,  combining violin, vocals and soundscapes created from laboratory field recordings.

Between Worlds is a unique collaboration between classical-electronic music and the University of Kent.   It communicates science through music. The music responds to images from research undertaken at the School of Biosciences, University of Kent. The researchers, led by Dr Chris Toseland, are funded by Cancer Research UK, and the work goes to combat diseases such as Cancer and Alzheimer’s.

To download/stream/buy Galaxies on all digital platforms click HERE

To watch the music video click HERE

York Festival of Ideas
York Festival of Ideas
14 // May // 2019

On June 16th Anna will take part in York Festival of Ideas.  As part of Focus Day, The Poetry of Music and Science, Anna will be part of a panel, discussing links between abstract structures in music and mathematics.

The session will be introduced by Tom McLeish, the University of York’s Professor of Natural Philosophy and author of The Poetry and Music of Science. Other panellists will include award-winning conductor Ben Glassberg, mathematician Jason Levesley and Helena Daffern, expert in music technology.

The session will also include a short performance from Anna Phoebe's Between Worlds.

Visit HERE for tickets and further information.

16 // April // 2019

Tickets for the first full performance of Between Worlds are now on sale HERE.

The new work based on scientific research images will be premiered on 7th June at Colyer-Fergusson Hall in Canterbury.

You can find out more about Anna's collaboration with the University of Kent HERE.


Sophie's World
Anna Phoebe Sophie's world

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Anna Phoebe stripes

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Rabbit Hole
Anna PHoebe Down the rabbit hole

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Anna Phoebe Wasteland

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16 // June // 2019 York Festival of Ideas, York, UK 'The Poetry & Music of Science' - Panel discussion & short performance
25 // June // 2019 Silent Green, Berlin, Germany AVA
4 // July // 2019 Deal Music & Arts Festival, Deal, UK AVA
7 // July // 2019 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, UK AVA
10 // July // 2019 Acapela Studio, Cardiff, UK AVA