Anna Phoebe Light On Waves
Light on Waves
11 // September // 2020

This double single is the third release in Anna Phoebe’s Sea Series. Light On Waves Part 1 is meditative uplifting track inspired by the morning sunlight reflecting and shimmering on the waves. Part 2 takes you down beneath the waves into a deeper and darker world.

Written and recorded during lockdown in Anna’s studio by the sea in Deal, Kent. Part 2 also features the other worldly laboratory bottles played by Dr Natali Fili and recorded at the BioScience school at University of Kent for Between Worlds.

You can stream/download and watch the video for Light on Waves HERE. 

Anna Phoebe Jools Holland
Recording with Jools Holland
26 // August // 2020

Anna spent the day recording and filming with Jools Holland as a guest for his next album. The track features Jools and Nitin Sawhney on pianos, and Anna on violin.  


Anna Phoebe - Horizons
31 // July // 2020

Horizons is release today.   A meditative uplifting track inspired by the ever changing sea and the expanse of the horizon and a sequel to By The Sea. Written and recorded during lockdown in Anna’s studio by the sea in Deal, Kent, with additional drones recorded by Mark McCaughrean, Senior Advisor at the European Space Agency, based in Wassenaar, The Netherlands.

The accompanying images of cloud and skyline were filmed in Deal and Wassenaar between March and July 2020. The two locations are on opposite sides of the North Sea, separated by 230km of water.

You can watch/download/stream Horizons on all platforms here:

Anna Phoebe Glaciers
26 // June // 2020

Glaciers is a piece of music written in response to the European Space Agency (ESA) Earth Observation data, tracking climate change.

The music is available to stream/download HERE.

This film incorporates original images from ESA showing cracks in the Pine Island Glacier, Antartica, plus the coast of Greenland near the Jakobshavn Glacier. The images have been reworked by Skyla Bridges.Watch the film HERE. 



24 // November // 2020 Birmingham Town Hall, Birmingham, UK Nitin Sawhney
25 // November // 2020 Albert Hall, Manchester, UK Nitin Sawhney
26 // November // 2020 Leeds Town Hall, Leeds, UK Nitin Sawhney
28 // November // 2020 Brighton Dome, Brighton, UK Nitin Sawhney
29 // November // 2020 The Roundhouse, London, UK Nitin Sawhney