Anna _Phoebe_Down The Rabbit Hole
Down The Rabbit Hole
2 // November // 2018

‪Down The Rabbit Hole is released today. Inspired by & written for the incredible students of The Royal Ballet School for a project based on Alice In Wonderland, led by choreographer Kate Flatt. 
With Nicholas Holland (cello) and Francesco Lucidi (drums). 

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Sophie's World
Sophie's World
12 // October // 2018

Today Anna releases Sophie's World  - a soundtrack created for the colourful collage film by Sophie McElligott.

You can watch the film HERE:

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Anna Phoebe Pink Stripe
Pink Stripe
9 // October // 2018

'Pink Stripe' - a collaboration with artist Nicolas Durvasula. A ‘linga of light’ captured in the early hours on the Ganges at Assi Ghat.
Music by Anna Phoebe. Composed & recorded on violin, voice and deconstructed harmonium.
Shown at the Rietburg Museum, Zurich, September 2018.

Watch/listen HERE

Anna Phoebe Wasteland
28 // September // 2018

Anna Phoebe releases her single Wasteland, inspired by the landscape of Dungeness, Kent.

Available on all digital platforms.

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Cover of Bowie's Blackstar.

Anna Phoebe.

Alice (Royal Ballet School)



Composer/Production - Anna Phoebe

Royal Ballet School performance of 'Anastasia'.



To be released 2017.

Anna Phoebe/Nicolas Rizzi


10 // November // 2018 Porta Festival Riga, Latvia Sam Lee
21 // November // 2018 Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld Cologne, Germany Oi Va Voi
22 // November // 2018 Bi Nuu Berlin, Germany Oi Va Voi
24 // November // 2018 Paradiso Noord Amsterdam, Netherlands Oi Va Voi
25 // November // 2018 Doornroosje Nijmegen, Netherlands Oi Va Voi