Anna Phoebe ICONS
5 // March // 2021

Today Anna releases ICONS.

Says Anna Phoebe: “I was thinking about the artists and songs I listened to whilst growing up. David Bowie, Nick Cave, Tracy Chapman, Neneh Cherry, Faithless and Roxy Music all represent parts of my past which have, in turn, infused my present. Memories are shape-shifting and full of shadows. They are sometimes reflective, sometimes hugely nostalgic and oftentimes fragmented. I wanted to create a meditative and melodic sound world for these tracks and through this lens reinterpret the songs that shaped me”.

Download/Stream ICONS here.

Anna Phoebe BT Sport
BT Sport Champions League
12 // February // 2021

The Autonomy track 'Hope' has been chosen by BT Sports for their Champions League 2021 film which Anna filmed and recorded at the BT Sports studios.

It will be played at the beginning of the game throughout the Champions League season.

23 // November // 2020

Moments is a duet on piano and viola with Richard Bundy.

It was recorded in one improvised take, late one evening in August, in Richard’s self-built log cabin in the heart of the Kentish countryside.

After months of isolation, Anna and Richard found the time, space and quiet to connect with one another.  They sat with piano, violin, viola and cello and improvised a series of pieces. ‘Moments’ is the first release from this evening. It’s about cherishing those moments of connection.

You can stream/download Moments HERE.

Singing With Nightingales
23 // November // 2020

Join me for a very special evening in Sussex on May 16th 2021, when I'll be improvising a duet responding to the song of the nightingales.

Each year, for a short period mid-April, a few thousand nightingales fly to southern UK from Africa. They can be heard in just a small number of special locations, taking up songful residence after dusk. 

This even, organised by Nest Collective, will be from 7pm through to 12:30am. Go HERE for more info on how to join us for an an escape into nature, to learn about these majestic birds, and listen to music.