Royal Ballet School - Alice
Royal Ballet School
31 // March // 2018

Anna recently completed a project with the Royal Ballet School, devising a 15 minute dance piece based on the themes of Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland. It was performed as part of the students' contemporary dance and choreography course, run by Kate Flatt. 

Anna composed the music and also performed live alongside cellist, Nicholas Holland (Balanescu Quartet).  You can listen to examples of the work HERE.

Piano Day Erland Cooper Anna Phoebe
Piano Day 2018
29 // March // 2018

To celebrate 'Piano Day', Anna joined Erland Cooper and eight other musicians including Neil Cowley, Hayden Thorpe, Leo Abrahams, William Doyle, Alex Kosobolis, Charlotte Greenhow, Aisling Brouwer and Jacob Downs.

They filmed a special arrangement of Erland Cooper's 'Solan Goose'  - this was a musical experiment of countermelody pulled together within 24 hours notice.

You can watch the performance HERE.

AVA waves
AVA - Waves EP
23 // March // 2018

Anna has been working with composer/pianist Aisling Brouwer under the artist name AVA. They recently signed to Manners McDade. Their neo-classical debut four track EP 'Waves' is released today.

You can download/stream on all digital platforms HERE

For more information visit

Ursula Moreton Award 2018
Ursula Moreton Award 2018
5 // February // 2018

Over the last year Anna has been working with The Royal Ballet School as music advisor and composer.  This term she acted as music advisor for the Ursula Moreton Choreographic Award.  The esteemed panel of judges included Christopher Hampson, Wayne McGregor, Kerry Nicholls, Mikaela Polley, Liam Scarlett and Billy Trevitt. Anna worked closely with the students and composed the music for the winning piece.



Cover of Bowie's Blackstar.

Anna Phoebe.

Alice (Royal Ballet School)



Composer/Production - Anna Phoebe

Royal Ballet School performance of 'Anastasia'.



To be released 2017.

Anna Phoebe/Nicolas Rizzi